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Back to Basics

Some customers tell us they just want the "basics" when it comes to telephone service. We Listened to them too.

Lipan's Basic Package give you 2 telephone lines with Caller ID and Call Waiting on both lines. All this at big savings over regular rates. Plus, the Basic package rate includes the Federal Subscriber Line Charge - $6.50 for residential and $9.20 for business - and you won't be charged for installation.

In addition to our packages, you can have Lipan Telephone Company for your long distance service at 9 cents per minute or add the Advantage Plan for $3.95 per month and your calls will be rated at 7 cents per minute.

The friendly folks at Lipan Telephone Company are ready to help you chose a service plan that meets your needs. Let's talk about how we can help you get the services you need at money-saving rates.

We Want to Hear More From You

Please give us a call at 254.646.2211 or stop by our business office at 109 N. Kickapoo Street in Lipan.

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