Copyright Infringement
It is a violation of this agreement to transmit copyrighted material or to store such material where it can be accessed by others. This could be through the use of file-sharing programs that allow for the download and sharing of music, movies and other copyrighted content, or any other technology or method that would cause or allow for the infringement of copyrighted material. While we do not actively monitor our network or servers for such content or activity, we do receive regular notifications from content owners pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. As a service provider, when properly notified, we have a responsibility under this Act to promptly remove or block access to the content in question. If it is determined that you are hosting copyrighted material on your computer, we will notify you to remove the content. If we are notified a third time about copyright infringement regarding your account, we will suspend your account until you have confirmed the copyrighted material has been removed. If we receive a fourth notification in violation of this policy, your account will be terminated. Therefore, it is important to also remove or disable features in any programs that allow others to access copyrighted material from your computer.

Lipan Telephone Company is committed to complying with U.S. Copyright law. If you believe there is information hosted on our servers that violates your rights under U.S. copyright law, you may file a complaint of such claimed infringement by one of the following means below:

By Mail:

Lipan Telephone Company, Inc.
PO Box 187
Lipan, TX 76462

By Email:

By Telephone: